How Technology Is Bringing Hope To Africa

Africa has in the last couple of years embraced technology and is utilizing it to solve problems that have longed plagued the continent. From its economy to medicine and even governance technology has been at the center of bringing beneficial change to the citizens of the continent.

Africa has made great strides in embracing technology and as well as innovation. Some of the technological innovations that have moved the world have actually come from Africa and to be precise Kenya.

It is clear that technology has changed how we live, conduct business and access information.

The ease with which we can now access information and services have not only made technology and its advancement an integral part of Africa but it has become a necessity as well.


Technology has changed how we conduct business. E-commerce has opened a whole new market for businesses across Africa, offering the opportunity to reach millions of prospective clients, and business being done across borders at the click of a button.

A recent study by Deloitte showed that businesses that have embraced digital technology in their daily operations realize up to 16% growth in revenue.

The ease at which we transfer money today was a far off dream just a few years ago, now thanks to innovations such as M-Pesa having been unveiled financial processes and inclusivity has been made more convenient.

At the click of a button and from remote corners of the continent, we are now able to check our bank balances, deposit and even withdraw funds from our bank accounts and mobile money platforms.

All these have been made possible by the digital innovations that have clearly brought inclusivity to Africa and help grow its economy.

Technology transforming the Medical field

Thanks to digital technology, Africa has improved its service delivery in the field of medicine.

Going by the Center for Disease Control, the nightmare of detecting and diagnosing some diseases such as malaria, cancers and diabetes that were hard to detect or diagnose before is now easier and quicker; all thanks to digital technology.

With the technological advancement witnessed in the continent and across the globe, doctors are now able to pin point which part of the body is most affected by say a particular cancer in a matter of minutes.

Lab tests have also been easier by digital technology ensuring that diagnosis is correct for effective treatment.


Agriculture is an economic activity that Africa heavily relies on and has also been a great benefactor of digital technology.

Soils can now be tested to determine the suitability for a particular crop. Crops on the other hand have been engineered to be more resistance given the changes in climate witnessed all over the world in recent years.

Farmers no longer have to have activities on stand-still when farm equipment breaks down because technology has ensured that the problem is quickly identified and fixed.

According to USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, farmers no longer have to apply water, fertilizers and pesticides uniformly across entire fields. Instead, they can use the minimum quantities required and target very specific areas or even treat individual plants differently, all these thanks to technology.

And with the spread of mobile technology across the continent, farmers now have access to markets for their produce.


Digital technology has also ensured that citizens are more pro-active in matters governance with governments having established online portals to allow interaction. A perfect example is a Kenya government Delivery Portal, which is being used to flaunt some of Presidents Kenyatta achievements.

Access to some government services has also been eased by digital technology with a good example being Nairobi County and Huduma Centers in the country. Kenyans and the residents of Nairobi can now easily pay for services such as parking at their own convenience as well as apply or renew business permits, identification cards, passports amongst others.


Education has not been left out by the technological advancement that is transforming Africa. A study conducted by IRROD on the status of e-learning in public universities in Kenya, show that there have been significant improvement in how different segments of courses are delivered.

University students can now register and access books required for their courses online and even study at a University that is in a different continent through e-Learning.

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