5 Things you must know before building your app [Must read for appreneurs]

According to Internet Live Stats,  a site that gives real time global numbers of internet users,  there are 3.6 billion people online at any given time. This is roughly 46.1% of the planets population and the numbers are growing each day. By 2019 it expected 51.9 of the world’s population will be connected to the internet according to www.statista.com.

Of these 3.4 billion internet users, more of them access the internet through their mobile phones than on desktops. Thanks to Smartphones, tablets, and the expansion of high speed networks such as 4G, mobile has become the primary access point for the majority of internet users.

This presents opportunity for businesses to tap into as apps and going digital is the new gold rush. In reference to Android Authority, by 2015 there was a whopping 1.3 and 1.2 million applications available for download on Google Playstore and Apple App Store respectively. This territory is ripe for growth when you take into account the number of internet users as well as its growth rate.

So how can you as a business or app developer take advantage of this opportunity?

Market Research:

Just like starting any business, developing an app requires research. Market research will aide in you determining if your app will be filling any gap in the market as well as how useful it will be at solving a prob.

Research will also give you insights to apps that maybe similar to yours. Giving you an idea of how receptive the market is to your product as well as areas you can improve on your app to differentiate it from competitors.

Research will also help you answer fundamental questions such as;

Who is your target audience?

So you have this amazing idea for a mobile app with all its cool features but have you considered who your target market is? Who is going to be the end user of your app?

Decide before creating your app on who your target audience is going to be and how are they going to benefit from it. As the saying goes “an app built for everyone is built for no one.”

Understanding your target audience will ensure your app keeps getting downloaded and not get lost in the pits of the Play and Apple store

Given that there are millions of apps available, you need to capture your target audience by providing real value.

Android vs. iOS

In the 90’s the great technological war was between Microsoft and Apple. While the jury is still out on who won the war another war has emerged; this time pitting Apples iOS against Google’s Android system. Both Android and Apple have cultivated strong followers.

There is no right or wrong option; one must decide what they want and need based on their objectives. Doing effective market research will help you decide which platform is best based on your target audience and on which platform they are at. However it is advisable to create an app for a particular platform, for example android before launching it on other platforms.

How efficient is your app:

This question can only be answered if you test your app after development. This stage is commonly known as beta. It is important to launch a beta version of your app to see if it does what you intended it to do and how well it does it.

It is during the beta period where you can insure that your app it is user friendly, efficient in data consumption and memory use; something users consider before downloading.

The danger of not testing your app before its release is that you have no idea what bugs affect user experience that might make your app fail.

One should identify beta users that will offer honest and accurate feedback of the app.

You have developed and tested your app and you think it is brilliant. How will you get the word out there so that people can start downloading? Marketing.

Marketing is important to consider even as you develop your app because it is useless to have an awesome app that no one knows about.

What’s your budget:

Like any business, have a well laid out budget and plan for developing your app. Consider the developers fees, maintenance and  other expenses that will be incurred in the process including market research and marketing. This will guide your every step including the developers to successfully to create your app.


The market for apps has tremendous room for growth but one needs guidance to take full advantage of this opportunity.  Taji Digital offers an array of development solutions ranging from consultation, research, conceptualization and even scaling it until it is market ready. Request a quotation today!





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