5 step process on creating a great mobile app in Kenya [That really work]

Africa is experiencing a boom in technology and more so is Kenya. According to PEW Research Center, Kenya is ranked as the second largest population with access to the internet in Africa, with Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK) registering the number of internet users at 21.6 million.

A major contributor to Kenyans accessing the internet is internet enabled mobile phones. As technology has progressed mobile devices have become more affordable enabling more Kenyans access to the internet.

Mobile penetration In Kenya is high with statistics from CAK placing it at 88.1 as of 2016.  Safaricom, Kenyas leading mobile service provider divulged that 7.8 million of their users are use smart phones according to a different survey by DotSavvy, a Kenyan digital business agency, In May 2016.

Mobile is the market businesses in Kenya need to leverage on. So what are some of the steps a Kenyan business needs to take, to take full advantage of this market and create an app?

  1. Consider what platform your app will run on:

There are different platforms that an app can ran on and they include android, iOS and Windows.  Before any business can create their app, they need to do research to determine which platform their target market is on.

In Kenya, the majority of smart phones run on Google’s android platform meaning this would most like be the best platform to focus on. However do not limit yourself to internet enable apps. Sms based apps can work just as well and reach more if thought and rolled out well, just look at m-pesa.


  1. Market Research:

Anyone trying to start a business knows just how important market research is. The market research offers insight into what potential competitors are doing, if your business will be solving a problem in the market and many other factors that need to be considered.

The same rules apply when thinking of creating a business mobile application.

The market research is meant to give you an idea on if the product you want to launch is already out there and just how different it is from what you have in mind

Research is also meant to help you determine if your app will be filling any gap in the market which translates to, ‘will users find it useful. Will be solving a problem’.

Market research will also give you insights to why some apps-maybe similar to yours or not-are such a great success.


  1. Know your target audience:

It is important to know who you are targeting with your application. Narrowing down on a target market gives your app a greater chance of success.

Your application needs to solve a problem for this select group. Knowing your target market will guide you on structures such as pricing as well as which platform to roll out your application. It would be unwise to roll out an app meant for the masses on an iOS system.

  1. Marketing your app

Creating an amazing app does not necessarily mean people know it exists so consider how you will get the word out there.

It is important to come up with a marketing strategy because this will contributing greatly to the success of your business app.

Incorporating social sharing features in your app so that those that have downloaded the app can share it on the social media networks is a function that would greatly increase the reach of your application.

Marketing your app will also ensure that your app is easily identifiable in a sea of over three million apps. So as you create your app consider taking advantage of mobile app advertising on social media platforms.


  1. Have a clear budget

Like any business, have a well laid out budget for developing your app. Consider the developers fees, marketing, maintenance and any other expense incurred in the process including market research.

Having a budget will guide your every step including choosing the developers who will create the app for you.

The budget acts as a road map towards ensuring that your app helps drive your business to greater heights and opens up a whole new market for the products or services that you offer

So create that mobile business app and open yourself up to infinite possibilities.

Kenya’s digital space is ripe for organizations and individuals to take up opportunities for business.  Taji Digital offers the best guidance, from consultation on conceptualizing your app, to building and testing it until it is market ready. We have you covered on all your application needs. Request for a quotation today!



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