Kenya is one of the countries in Africa that has been lauded for embracing technology and especially mobile technology.

This has seen a steady increase in the number of local apps being created to feed the growth of smart phone users in the country. The mobile apps being developed locally are designed to cater to different needs, across different industries that include; financial services, retail, music, religion, news amongst others.

We have combined a list of our top 10 local apps developed for Kenya:

  1. Tala


Tala App

Tala, formerly MkopoRahisi has in the recent past become quite popular among smart phone users in Kenya.

It is an app that offers financial services and users can get quick loans direct into their phones with a given timeline to pay back. One can get a loan as high as Sh50,000 if you build your credit by paying loans on time.

Given a majority of smart phone users in Kenya are Safaricom subscribers, the loan is sent to Mpesa. The app has often been described as a ‘life saver’ for those in need of emergency cash.

  1. Safaricom M-Ledger



Given the number of Safaricom subscribers with access to Mpesa in the country, it is almost self-explanatory why this is one of the popular apps.

This is another financial app designed for those Safaricom subscribers with the Mpesa service on their phone. The app is described by Google Play where it is available for download as one that transforms your phone into a financial journal from your Mpesa transactions.

Other features include access to immediate last six months Mpesa history, universal search facility for pay bill, buy goods, bank USSD codes and transactions among others.

  1. Olx Kenya

olx app2


The growth of mobile technology has seen a growth in retail apps making shopping an easy and convenient process. One of the most popular retail apps is Olx Kenya where users can either buy or sell goods and services.

The app has proven to be a one stop shop for almost all services and all kinds of goods giving it an edge against other local retail apps.

  1. Mdundo

Mdundo app

Music is the food to the soul and given Kenya has its own musicians. It only makes sense that there is a local app to where local music is readily available.

Mdundo is leveraging on the growing music industry locally and also across Africa and this has made it quite popular for providing access to music that was hard to find in the past.

  1. Citizen News

ciztizen app


We are living in a busy world and though we might not always stop and catch up with what is going on, mobile technology has ensured we can be in the know, on the go.

The Citizen News app is one of a number of apps that ensures we get news on the go.

  1. KCB


This is a financial app by the Kenya Commercial Bank and what has given is an edge over other apps of its kind is the fact that it is available to both customers of the bank and non-KCB customers.

With the app users are able to borrow loans at a click of a button, send and withdraw cash and track stocks and foreign exchange rates among others.

  1. My Safaricom

mysafaricom app

This is another popular app especially with Safaricom subscribers. The app is popular because it offers users a convenient self-service channel to manage their account.

Users no longer have to hold online for minutes on end seeking help.

  1. eCitizenKe

ecitizedn app dark

This is a government owned app that continues to gain popularity. The app offers its users access to different government services at a click of a button.

Some of the services available include services offered by registrar of companies, registrar of marriages and the national transport and safety authority among others.

  1. Jumia Online Shopping

jumia App

This is another retail app that has and continues to gain popularity. With the app, users can shop for clothes, shoes, toys and home appliances at their convenience and delivery is done to wherever one is.

  1. Tuko News

tuko app

The popularity of this app can be attributed to the fact that it covers a wide range of topics from politics, business to entertainment and gossip. It also boosts of a great user interface and quality content.


The above list is not exhaustive of local mobile apps available in Kenya but it highlights the ones we feel have had an impact in the market. Kenya has made great strides in matters mobile yet the potential for growth is still enormous. The market is ready for those brave enough to venture into it. We invite you to request for a quotation,to receive free consultation from our mobile app development experts, to help you conceptualize your app idea and probably access its viability in the Kenyan market.



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